Friday, January 28, 2011

Verve Diva Dare Challenge

This card is for the Verve January challenge - Baby Love. I made the card for a dear friend of mine that has become a new mother :)

Unfortunately I did not use any Verve stamps on this card because I dont have any yet, however the letters on the banner are stamped from Studio G's Alphabet Stamp Set Series 4, and the sentiment came from a sticker set I had (which I cant credit because I cant find...ooops). Everything else I hand cut/drew from paper in the GCD Studio's Zen Garden collection and cardboard scraps. I really liked how this came out :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

My {late} Christmas!

Yes, I know that Christmas day was over two weeks ago but I still want to blog about it anyway. Hope that's okay :)
I had a wonderful time in SC! I miss living in the South but I really don't... it's a little complicated. It is truly amazing that over there it can snow 3" in one day and be almost completely gone, melted away the very next day, haha! Love it. I was happy to get home though, and so was my boy. Man was he a handful at times! It's almost like as soon as he senses he's not in his usual surroundings/routine a crazy switch goes off in his cute little head. (I guess it also didn't help that his sleep schedule inevitably got completely ruined, poor thing.) 
So anyway this is a picture of an ornament I made, like?

I was given this super cute gift by a super cool person (you know who you are ;) ) My son, my little cousins, and I had so much fun with it. It's the Sugar Cookie Workshop sold by Trader Joe's. What could be better than making something cute and then getting to eat it! Nothing is the correct answer. 

The kit

The result

Cookies the Pononos decorated

While on Christmas break two great things happened... a birth and a birthday. Congrats to the new mommy and the birthday dude! I made a card for both occasions featuring the banner, it's just so festive.