Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Another} Double Sketch Challenge

This time it's Color Throwdown #135 aaaannnddd Mojo Monday #184
(Wow this is my second blog post in one week!)

I got a masculine vibe from the color scheme, so I took the opportunity to make a card for the upcoming birthday of a male family member. (Hope he doesn't read this blog before I give him the card!) 

My two favorite parts of the card: 
-The background paper that I made by laying down a paper star and sponging black ink around it, kind of like a stencil. 
-The little circle, I spray painted red and on it used another star as a stencil. But this time I used a paint brush and cream colored acrylic paint. I then added the, now black, paper star that I originally used to create the background paper.
I also like the staples because it gives the card an edgy touch :)


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